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About us

help the Marine

Centrego Marine was established in 2021 by Runi Nielsen, Robin Turner and Tonny Nielsen with the aim to help the Marine sector worldwide with solutions for controlling microbiology through in-situ production of a sustainable, green, safe, natural and effective disinfection agent called ECA. The company is established in the fishing harbour of Grenaa in Denmark, where it shares offices, laboratories and test facilities, with the company Food Diagnostics.

The perfect environment

Here we have the perfect environment for testing solutions with the most novel laboratory methods like real-time pcr etc. and also access to academic researchers.

Centrego Marine gets it’s ECA generators from Centrego Ltd. Located in Bath, England, one of the most experienced companies within ECA Technology. Centrego Ltd. has a close collaboration with University of West England about development and documentation.

You Deserve THE BEST

with 35 years of experience